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Registration opens TODAY at 8:00 PM. Woot, Woot!!

Go to and you will find the register here button under the class schedule tab.

FAQ of the day: Should I register my child(red) for more than one class? If you are questioning whether your child will benefit from another session, my answer is always “yes”.  They will definitely continue to grow with my lessons.  However, that doesn’t mean they “need” another lesson to be safe.  Most of your kids will learn all the skills to swim in the first session. However, it is extremely important for your kids to continue to practice. If you have the ability to practice with them regularly, that may be enough.  I hear over and over again that is difficult for parents to get their kids to practice the skills that they learn in my lessons. If your kids are anything like mine were, it was always so much easier for someone else to teach them how to swim than me...the swim teacher. They complained more for me, they cried more for me, they fought more with me. If you have kids like that'd would prefer me to continue with them, perhaps 2 sessions are a good idea. If you want them proficient enough to swim laps, they may need more.  For each session you sign up for, there is a $25 non-refundable deposit. However, if you sign your child(ren) up for 2 sessions and are happy with how they progressed the first session, I will refund your deposit AS LONG AS you confirm your cancellation by the last day of your child's first session. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.

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