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4 days until registration opens (2/29/24 @ 8:00 PM)

FAQ of the day:

I am concerned that since my child is scared of lessons, (s)he will develop a fear of the water:  Kids will fear the water until they are comfortable in the water. If you just stay persistent, they will not be afraid forever.  It is not easy.  Kids don't always like it.  But we make our kids do things they do not like all the time for safety's sake.  Most kids do not like wearing a seatbelt, getting immunizations, eating vegetables or going to school.  But we make them do it because we know what is best for them and want them to grow up safe and healthy.  Learning to be safe in the water is no different except it is a little harder to watch.  BUT, if we can allow them to be successful in this environment, they will know they can be successful anywhere.  They learn so much more than how to swim.  They will learn perseverance, confidence, bravery, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, exercise, focus, respect, taking on challenges, safety and so much more.

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