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She is amazing an the kids loved how she took her time with each one of them.

Sara Zylema
(Taken from my FB page)

Shelley did a fantastic job! I am amazed at how much my daughters learned to do in their time with her

Emilee Lowell
(Taken from my FB page)

Thank you so much for all your patience Shelley! our very willful kids were not easy & you handled them with love & patience.

Nikkie Frost
(Taken from my FB page)

Wyatt was afraid of the water and cried the majority of the time during lessons but at the end he was swimming on his own! He now loves the water and putting his face in the water too!

Jodi Bar

(Taken from my FB page)


The kids have been counting down the days since Thursday -they are SO excited.  Makes this mama so happy bc they have feared many things about swim before! Thank you for your patience with them! They have already overcome so much in just 2 days! And before we came to you they told me they never wanted to jump off a diving board

Angie Schwartz
(Taken from my FB page)

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