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Officially voted #2 for Grand Rapids swim lessons

I can officially announce that Shelley's Swim Lessons was voted #2 in swim lessons for Grand Rapids for 2023. While it is always great to win...I am super proud to have made the list since I didn't even know how I got on there to begin with. I know that Goldfish has a huge following as they operate all year long. I get a lot of Goldfish kids who's parents want a more aggressive lesson. My lessons are very much different from Goldfish so I don't mind that they are the number 1 spot. But for this little business that teaches just 5 or 6 weeks a summer, I am amazed to have taken 2nd!?! Wow!!! Very humbled and blessed at all of you who supported me and kept me in the water with your kids. Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourselves:'s Swim Lessons

This is the biggest bucket filler!

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