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WATER SAFETY TIP: Copied from Judah Brown Project

Water Safety Month tip for the day:

Kids are top heavy. They can get themselves into places they can’t necessarily get themselves back out of. So filled kiddie pools are a drowning risk for them.

Remember even 1 inch of water is enough for a child to drown.

Remember that kids love water and may not want to be done in it when you say it’s time for them to be done. So many drownings happen when kids sneak back to water when they aren’t supposed to even be near where the water is.

Rules don’t change that. Kids under 5 do not have the brain development to be able to follow rules in a consistent way, without you being there to stop them from disobeying.

Empty that kiddie pool as soon as your family is done with it each day!

Toys entice kids. They are already attracted to water. Toys will just add another layer of temptation for them. Get all toys out of the pool when you are done using it for the day.

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