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Swim lessons today July 26-Chance of thunderstorms:

I usually swim in the rain. My pool heater has been life changing and makes swimming in the rain kinda fun (or at least we try to make it fun). As far as thunderstorms go, unless it is an all day thunderstorm, I usually don't cancel because the thunderstorms are only a possibility. Once in a while when we are swimming, a thunderstorm comes in. At that time, I will either finish the lesson or we will get out and if need be, reschedule. I leave it up to the parents at that point. My make up day will be Saturday morning though (which is my husband's 50th birthday) so I'd love to get as many in today as possible. Obviously, safety first. But in my experience, thunderstorms blow through so quickly that I don't like to cancel because it is so hard to plan when lessons are 20 minutes long. If you have to drive super far and don't want to chance it because you are in the most likely time frame for a storm, please use your best judgement and let me know. Keep in mind that if it is storming by you, it still may be sunny here. Weather is just too unpredictable to cancel everything just in case. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at 616-540-6322. I will be in the pool by 9 and may not be able to answer.

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